Education and Research Goals

The School of Life Sciences strives to develop a better understanding of the biological process of life and to find cures for various diseases through intensive integrated research.

The School of Life Sciences also encourages every student to develop international leadership skills through foreign exchange programs and while studying at GIST where all of the lectures are conducted in English.

GIST has state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities with full support from the national government of Korea.

The School of Life Sciences, with our world-class faculty, is focused on excellence in research and education for a student body that is comprised from very diverse backgrounds. 

  • • All lectures are conducted in English, and English education is for all students to produce the world's best   scientists.

  • • Strategic alliances with institutions in foreign countries allows us to attract qualifies foreign students and to   promote research collaboration with foreign experts.

  • • Distinguished full-time foreign professors make up 10% of our faculty.

  • • 10% of our student quota is reserved for excellent foreign student.

  • • About 20 foreign students are currently enrolled in The School of Life Sciences.

  • • Creating an international campus environment at GIST.

  • • The International Coordination Team Operation is dedicated to helping foreign students adapt to life in Korea   and at GIST.

  • • Opportunities for the students to attend short and long term foreign exchange programs and international   conferences to foster high-level cooperation with prestigious foreign universities and international conferences.