Research Division

Cell & Molecular Biology Division
Professor Laboratory
SONG WOO KEUN Cell Dynamics and Imaging Lab.
PARK WOO JIN Bio-remodeling and Gene Therapy Lab.
CHUN JANG SOO Arthritis Research Lab.
DARREN R. WILLIAMS New Drug Targets Lab.
JUN YOUNG SOO Cellular Logistics and Aging Research Lab.
NAM JEONG SEOK Lab. of Tumor Suppressor
PARK DAE HO Cell Clearance Lab.
STEVE K. Cho Tumor Metabolism & Therapeutic Oncology Lab.


Biochemistry & Biophysics Division
Professor Laboratory
EOM SOO HYUN Protein Structure-Function Lab.
KIM JAE IL Bio-membrane Molecular Functional Modulator Discovery Lab.
YOO YUNG JOON Medicinal Biochemistry Lab.
KIM YOUNG CHUL Drug Discovery Lab.
PARK ZEE YONG Functional and Medicinal Proteomics Lab.
LEE GWANG ROG Single Molecular Biology and Cellular Dynamics Lab.
JIN MI SUN Membrane Protein Structural and Functional Resarch Lab.


Neuroscience & Developmental Biology Division
Professor Laboratory
PARK CHUL SEUNG Lab. of Molecular Neurobiology
CHO CHUNG HEE Reproductive Biomedicine and Gene Discovery Lab.
JIN SUK WON Developmental Genetics Lab.
SONG MI RYOUNG Lab. of Neural Development and Functions
KIM YOUNG JOON Lab. of Molecular Neuroethology


Immunology Division
Professor Laboratory
JUN CHANG DUK Immune Synapse and Cell Therapy Lab.
PARK SUNG GYOO Celluar Immunology Lab.