Osteoarthritis Research Center

Osteoarthritis Research Center




   • Prof. : CHUN Jang-Soo


   • Tel : 062) 715-2497


   • E-mail : jschun@gist.ac.kr





"Establishment of control technology for cartilage degeneration and degenerative arthritis"
In an aging society, healthy aging is more important than life extension. Therefore, the Osteoarthritis Research Center aims to identification of the molecular regulatory mechanism of cartilage degeneration. We will analyze transcription factors (TFs) and transcriptomes, construct TF networks, and elucidate the interactomes that govern cartilage degeneration and OA. We will ultimately identify novel biomarkers and targets, and validate their therapeutic potential for treating OA.



Research Purpose










Expectations and Prospect


Osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative disease and is a leading cause of disability with a large socioeconomic cost. Although a progress has been made in the symptomatic treatment of the disease, no effective disease-modifying therapies for OA have been developed to date. Comprehensive understanding of OA pathogenesis will enable rational identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets and provide insights to mechanism-based strategies for the treatment of OA.



Research Achievements


Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-2 alpha Is an Essential Catabolic Regulator of Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis, PLOS BIOLOGY (2014).