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  • 성명 김도한(시니어펠로우)
  • TEL 062-715-2485
  • FAX 062-715-2484
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  • 세부전공 Molecular Physiology
  • 1981 Marquette Univ. (Ph. D. - Biology, Molecular Physiology)
    1977 Seoul National Univ. (M.S. - Zoology, Physiology)
    1973 Seoul National Univ. (B.S. - Zoology)
  • 2003 - present Systemes Biology Research Group, Director
    2001 - Korean Nanobiotechnology Research Center, Co-director
    2000 - The National Program of Critical Technology 21
    on "Life Phenomena and Function Research", Director
    1994 - present GIST, Professor
    1988 - Harvard Medical School, Visiting professor
    1986 - 1995 Univ. of Connecticut, Assistant professor, Associate professor
    1982 - 1986 Boston Biomedical Research Institute, Postdoctorial fellow
  • System-level understanding of EC coupling process in Heart
    Systemic Research of calcium homeostasis & disease development in heart
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